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Common mistakes by drivers that can lead to motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2024 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Motorcycle collisions can result in severe consequences for riders. Therefore, motorcycle riders tend to be very proactive about their own safety. They buy specialty gear and invest heavily in motorcycle maintenance. They may also do their best to follow not just traffic laws but safety rules for their own protection.

No matter how diligent a rider is, they cannot eliminate the risk caused by other people in traffic. The decisions that drivers make, including the following, are often to blame for motorcycle collisions.

Driving while distracted

Drivers should dedicate their full attention to operating their vehicles. Unfortunately, not all motorists follow that rule. Distracted driving is a common issue, and it is particularly dangerous for motorcyclists who cross paths with someone distracted at the wheel. Their vehicles are already very easy for people to overlook. Distracted drivers are responsible for a significant number of motorcycle crashes every year., including motorcycle crashes.

Driving after drinking

The erratic maneuvers and unpredictable conduct of drunk drivers can put motorcycle riders at risk and might lead to preventable crashes. Even a sideswipe that might be minor for a larger vehicle could lead to permanent injuries for a motorcycle rider. Drunk drivers are more likely than many others in traffic to cause crashes, and they could easily overlook a nearby motorcycle.

Establishing unsafe traffic habits

Quite a few drivers start to bend and then outright break traffic laws. Someone who has a habit of constantly violating speed limits may have started only going a few miles per hour over the posted limit but may gradually increase how much they exceed the speed limit on different roads. Drivers may also get into the habit of performing rolling stops at certain intersections or not using their turn signals. They might not check their blind spots before merging or turning. All of those choices can potentially lead to devastating crashes for people on motorcycles.

The vast majority of motorcycle collisions are preventable, and many of them are the fault of people in bigger vehicles. Filing a civil lawsuit is a reasonable reaction to an injurious motorcycle crash caused by someone in a bigger vehicle. Insurance is often not enough to cover the expenses of a motorcycle crash, making a lawsuit the best option in many cases.


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