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Racing suspected as cause of deadly car crash in Fayetteville

A deadly crash in Fayetteville this month has investigators wondering if speeding and racing may have been to blame for the death of two soldiers and injuring two more people. It's a tragedy that has left a community mourning while police piece together the events leading up to the terrible crash.

According to police, the two soldiers were travelling through Fayetteville when the car accident occurred. At some point during the journey, the driver, a 25-year-old man, suddenly lost control of the 2004 Pontiac he was operating. When he swerved into oncoming traffic, he collided head on with a 2012 Jetta containing two other people.

When emergency crews arrived on the scene, shattered glass and debris littered the roadway. Medical personal responding to the accident immediately extracted the four people still trapped in the two vehicles. The driver of the Pontiac, the 25-year-old man, was rushed to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. As for his passenger, a 26-year-old woman, reports do not indicate her condition at the time of the accident nor do they state where she was taken after the accident. She is, however, listed as one of the fatalities in this car crash.

The occupants of the Jetta were slightly luckier, say police, who report that they were also taken to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center for their injuries. Although the extent of their injuries is unknown, we can only guess that because it was a head-on collision, they could very well have been quite severe.

As police continue their investigation into the causes of the accident, as stated before, speculations of speeding and racing have surfaced. Although unconfirmed, it's important to point out that reckless driving such as this has been the reason for many deaths in North Carolina before-a grim fact no one in the community of Fayetteville will likely ever forget, especially not after this month's tragedy.

Source: WBTW News, "NC mom and friend, both soldiers, die in 2 car crash," Mar. 15, 2013

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