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3 common traffic habits that increase the likelihood of a wreck

On Behalf of | Feb 29, 2024 | Car Accidents |

While there are traffic statutes that should theoretically standardize conduct on the road, everyone drives a little bit differently. Some of the behaviors that people engage in on public roads are more dangerous than others.

Many motorists develop habits that ultimately increase their risk of causing a collision. Small habits that may not seem particularly risky can eventually be the reason that someone causes a crash. Drivers may benefit from evaluating their personal habits and changing them if they frequently make any of the traffic safety mistakes below.

Running red lights or rolling through stop signs

Intersections are among the most dangerous places on the road. Vehicles moving in different directions can very easily collide if motorists don’t observe traffic laws and carefully monitor their surroundings. Unfortunately, running red lights has become increasingly common in recent years, and many drivers also roll through stop signs instead of fully slowing down before proceeding through the intersection. More than 1,100 people in 2021 lost their lives in collisions caused by people who ran red lights before the crash.

Failing to use turn signals

Turn signals allow someone to easily communicate with others in traffic. With the flick of a lever, they can notify people in front and behind their vehicle of their intention to turn or merge into another lane of traffic. Unfortunately, many people do not consistently use their turn signals. Other drivers cannot adjust their conduct accordingly when someone fails to communicate with others in traffic. A failure to use turn signals could cause a crash and might lead to police blaming that motorist for the collision.


No one wants their commute to last any longer than it absolutely has to, but driving at speeds well over the posted limit doesn’t make much difference for the average commuter. Someone might only shave a few minutes off of their commute time by driving at unsafe speeds for most of their trip to and from work every day. Quite a few of the worst collisions that occur every year involve at least one vehicle traveling at well over the speed limit or driving must faster than is appropriate given current road conditions.

It is easy to become complacent about unsafe driving habits when someone has so far avoided any major collisions. However, every time someone runs a red light, turns without indicating or speeds, they put themselves and others at risk. Prioritizing safety can help people avoid crashes and can strengthen their position if they decide to seek compensation if another driver causes a wreck.


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