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Motorcycle accident in Shallotte leaves rider with injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2013 | Motorcycle Accidents |

A motorcyclist in Brunswick County considers himself lucky to be alive this week after his bike collided with a flat-bed trailer. Although he was seriously injured in the accident, it is believed that his injuries are not life threatening and he will make a full recovery. It’s a story that highlights the importance of motorcycle safety across the state and about the dangers these riders face every time they drive on North Carolina roads.

The accident occurred just before 9 pm in Shallotte when the 45-year-old driver of a pickup truck failed to yield the right of way at an intersection. Police say it was because of this that the 22-year-old rider crashed into the flat-bed trailer the pickup was pulling. The driver of the pickup truck has since been charged with the traffic violation though it’s unknown whether further civil charges will be filed.

Motorcyle accidents, as many of our readers are probably aware, are considered to be some of the more serious types of accidents that people can be involved in.  That’s because, as we’ve stated in the past, motorcycles do not offer the same protection that a car can offer.  Riders often rely on safety helmets and protective clothing to prevent a majority of injuries while also relying heavily on the observation skills of the drivers around them.  Even a single moment of inattentiveness can lead to a negative outcome.  In some cases, that’s all it takes to claim a life as well.

As many motorcycle safety advocates will point out, this case highlights the importance of North Carolina’s helmet laws.  An accident such as this could have easily ended differently had the rider not been wearing a helmet, suffering a life-threatening head injury instead of possibly only a few broken bones.

Source: WECT News, “Motorcycle rider sent to hospital after crashing into flat-bed trailer,” Nikki Bussey, June 12, 2013


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