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Financial liability in North Carolina motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2015 | Motorcycle Accidents |

North Carolina is home to some of the most beautiful and motorcycle-friendly roads in the nation. Little can compare to the thrill of meandering through the Appalachian Mountains on curving scenic roadways on a Sunday afternoon. That said, motorcyclists face real dangers on the road. Many of those dangers can be avoided and circumvented by a skillful and safe motorcyclist, but when it comes to poorly maintained roads and negligent drivers, accidents can happen regardless.

At Hayes, Williams, Turner & Daughtry, we have represented motorcyclists injured in all manner of accidents and we understand what to look for to identify points of liability in such accidents. We also know that while motorcyclists are some of the most careful and cautious drivers on the road, car drivers are often some of the most negligent. Indeed, motorcyclists have little choice in the matter. Even the smallest lapse of attention by a motorcyclist can result in catastrophic injuries while a car driver is protected by steel, airbags, seat belts and four wheels that are firmly planted on the ground.

During the investigation of a motorcycle accident, all evidence from the accident scene must be thoroughly reviewed and evaluated to determine who is at fault and who is financially liable for injuries and property damage related to the crash. At Hayes, Williams, Turner & Daughtry we may employ the services of accident reconstruction experts to illustrate exactly what happened at the moment of impact. In some cases, there may also be video footage from intersection cameras and other security cameras that can be used as evidence to make a determination of liability.

Ultimately, if a North Carolina motorcyclist and/or the motorcyclist’s passenger is hurt or killed because of another driver’s negligent or unlawful driving — and if this can be proved in civil court — then the injured parties may be entitled to recover damages relating to medical costs, permanent or temporary disabilities, lost quality of life and other types of financially-quantifiable damages that stem from the incident.


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