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North Carolina police search for driver in fatal accident

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2015 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents |

A recent tragedy occurred in the wee hours after midnight on a North Carolina road. A young man was walking home and was apparently struck by a motor vehicle. Police continue to search for the driver who was involved in the fatal accident.

The pedestrian was a 22-year-old former college student. He is said to have been crossing N.C. 107 at the time the accident took place. A vehicle believed to have been traveling north struck the young man as he made his way across the road.

The vehicle is said to have run into the pedestrian and it, reportedly, kept on going. Sadly, the man who was hit did not survive the accident. Authorities have labeled the incident as a hit and run and continue to conduct an investigation into the case, including searching for the driver who fled the scene.

In North Carolina, once a driver who has left the scene of an accident is located, he or she may face charges. Regardless, the immediate family members of the deceased victim may decide to file a civil claim in court. A logical first step in the process would be to make contact with a legal professional who has experience in motor vehicle accidents. An experienced attorney would be able to offer a case assessment and suggest what the best way to proceed might be. Compensation can be sought on behalf of the decedent in order to cover the cost of damages suffered during or in the aftermath of a fatal accident.

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