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Strategy is a crucial element of a successful criminal defense

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2017 | Criminal Defense |

If we were tasked with identifying the most important part of criminal defense, it would be difficult to name just one. All parts of a defense are important and they all come together perfectly when a criminal defense is successful. What we can say is that strategy is crucial anytime a North Carolina resident faces criminal charges. Strategy should begin right away and it should include the defendant and all members of the defense team.

In many cases, defendants believe they can strategize their defense without legal counsel. We cannot say if this is true or false, but we do know that most successful defense strategies involve working with a lawyer. There are many reasons why attorneys are good at strategizing a defense, such as:

  • Criminal defense experience
  • Knowledge of the local laws
  • Experience investigating the alleged crime
  • Investigating evidence
  • Gathering credible witnesses
  • Arranging expert testimony, when applicable

Defendants who attempt to navigate the legal system alone often become overwhelmed by the experience. No matter how much defendants believe in their innocence, they find it difficult to stand against a zealous prosecutor. We believe that these defendants need an equally zealous defense attorney — one who is committed to proving the innocence of the defendant.

When your freedom and your reputation are at stake, it may not be wise to trust in the justice system alone. If you put up a wall of support around you in the form of a criminal defense team, you have better odds of walking away from your ordeal as unscathed as possible.

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