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Don’t let zoning woes derail your business plans

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2019 | Business Law & Civil Litigation |

Of all the hassles that people anticipate when they aim to open a new business, “zoning problems” seldom even make the list — until they become a problem.

Zoning regulations affect everything from how you develop, build, renovate, lease, buy and operate your business. You have to contend with federal, state and local regulations that can dictate not only big issues, like where you can operate the type of business you want to operate, but small issues, like the type of sign you’re allowed to have outside your establishment once you’re ready to open. Running afoul of a zoning regulation can mean tons of lost time, money and energy.

Here are some of the ways that an attorney can help you avoid zoning issues that will interfere with your plans:

  • Your attorney can research the existing zoning regulations in the area in which you intend to develop to make sure that there are no obvious conflicts.
  • Your attorney can research zoning issues specific to any property you intend to use, such as easements, that could be problematic to business operations.
  • If you intend to build, your attorney can help you get — and stay — informed about zoning legislation that could negatively affect your development plans so that you make an informed real estate purchase that works with your goals.
  • If your business is threatened by someone with a competing interest (usually neighboring parties who dislike the changes a new business is bringing to an area), your attorney’s familiarity with local zoning case laws can often give you a critical edge if the issue goes to court.

Don’t allow unanticipated zoning actions affect your business and your future. Engage an attorney with zoning experience to protect your interests before problems erupt. For more advice specific to your situation, please contact our office.


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