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Another accident at Five Points in Glenwood has residents angry

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2019 | Car Accidents |

On June 23, some diners at a local pizzeria in the Five Points area of Glenwood, North Carolina, had their dining experience abruptly curtailed when a 20-year-old drunk driver went over the curb and crashed into the outdoor patio of the restaurant.

Locals say that this is almost par for the course in the area. They complain that there is an epidemic of accidents in the area.

“As soon as you hear the tires screech you’re just waiting for the boom,” said one area resident. He, like others in the location, are asking the police to do more to enforce safe driving habits and speed limits in the neighborhood.

While the most recent accident was caused by a driver who was inebriated, the records show that residents are correct in their perception that the area has an unusual number of car accidents. A total of 47 car accidents causing $167,000 worth of property damage have occurred there in the last three years alone.

The majority of those accidents may have been caused by distracted driving. They involve things like rear-ending other vehicles and running off the road. Excessive speed, which residents say is a common issue, only factored into four of the known accidents. Six others involved alcohol and/or drugs.

In any busy urban area, you’re bound to have the occasional car accident. However, some spots may seem like they’re magnets for trouble. No doubt, some drivers get confused by the number of converging roads at Five Points. Combine that confusion with drivers who aren’t paying enough attention to their task because they’re distracted by passengers, their radios, their GPS systems or their phones and you have a real recipe for disaster.

Whether you’re a pedestrian walking down the sidewalk (or eating dinner outside of a local cafe) or the driver of another vehicle, a careless accident can change your entire life. If you’ve been injured, take the necessary steps to find out more about your legal rights and options for recovery.


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