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4 tips for driving safely in construction zones

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2019 | Firm News |

North Carolina is booming nowadays. While the increase in residents is good for property values, it has taken a toll on roadways in the Tar Heel State. Therefore, regardless of where you drive, you are likely to encounter road construction. 

Road construction can be disastrous for motorists. In fact, according to the American Road and Transportation Builders Association, there were 710 fatal accidents in construction zones in the United States in 2017. Here are four tips for staying safe when driving in construction areas. 

1. Assume nothing 

You probably regularly travel the same stretches of road. While you may think you can drive with your eyes closed, road construction changes everything. Because traffic patterns may frequently change in construction zones, you must assume nothing and expect surprises. 

2. Exercise patience 

Construction workers may need to reduce traffic speeds or stop cars altogether. Therefore, try to be patient when entering construction zones. By reducing your speed, you have more time to plan for unexpected events. You may also want to allow yourself a few extra minutes to travel through construction zones. 

3. Watch for workers 

You do not want to hit a construction worker with your vehicle. You also do not want to swerve into another vehicle to avoid hitting an employee of the construction company. Therefore, always watch for workers to be in the roadway. If there is a flagger, pay attention to his or her signals and commands. 

4. Keep a safe distance 

Unexpected events often occur in construction areas, so try to keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the cars in front of it. Also, if possible, change lanes to give workers and construction vehicles greater clearance. 

Because construction zones can be dangerous places for both motorists and workers, you must exercise additional caution when driving through one. If your daily commute takes you through road construction, you must have a plan for staying safe.


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